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Any rumur floorss? I get this question often from customers because someone has told them they should get it. But, they do not understand what is floating. Technically, float floor mean that it “float” above the bottom floor and not directly secured to the floor (ie no nails and no glue).

Instead, he pressed or secured around the edges of the room – the mold base or shoe molding and transition. It is often use if it will be rusmur floors that exist or on the cement. Now, because the floor is a float and is not secure to the floor there tends to be a little more movement on the floor – you mainly see and hear this in laminate floor and it is more visible if it was poorly install.

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Given the definition, there are many types’ rusmur floors as you’ll see below, so that whenever someone tells me that they want or think they need a floating floor, I had to dig a little deeper to make sure I understand what they want and need as there are many types of floating floor. (Plus sometimes someone told me that they need a float floor and when I got to their house. I found that they do not need float floor).

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