Parkay Floors with Easy Installation also the Most Economic

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Parkay FloorsBeauty can be denied from the Parkay floor which is financially out of reach for many people. A comparison between the cost of replacing the old worn wall-to-wall carpeting. And installing parquet floors and parquet suggest that the cheapest option if you install it yourself. If you do not have a sub-floor, you might consider doing it yourself parquet flooring. Eight or twelve-inch squares of oak finish available in several colors such as walnut stain dark wood pale natural tones of oak. Wood fibers are keeping in every completion and will be the final clear coat stand up to the most traffic.

First, for the Parkay floors installation of course, you must remove the carpet and all segments and screws. The surface of the company, the level required for the installation look professional. It can cover the surface of a problem with a layer of half-inch. Place successor box in concrete with special mastic. Fix low spots or uneven surfaces in concrete with a quick patch level. A good final dust removes any loose grains of cement.

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Parkay Floors

Just like the ceramic tile, and begin to place a box of oak along the midline. Mastic tacky stayed for fifteen minutes, which makes it possible to apply the mastic with serrated sprayed in two rows across the room. I suggest you wear knee and protective rubber gloves and sturdy. New surface can be walked in 30 minutes with the exception of the last two lines. Be careful not to publish any mastic on the new surface. That’s all the short guide about Parkay floors installation.

Parkay Floors